Bodyweight Physique Sculpting

Remove All Excuses, You Are Your Own Gym!

Program Details:  Tom Fazio’s Bodyweight Physique Sculpting Program combines the most effective high tension bodyweight exercises (the key to lasting muscle tone) with high intensity bodyweight training (the key to rapid fat loss) in a program that once and for all removes your dependence on training equipment and gyms. 

Who This is For:  Bodyweight Physique Sculpting is for interested in having a comprehensive training method and technical base for independent body scuplting.  Aside from the resulting fat loss and lean muscle gain provided by the program, you’ll never again be without the tools to maintain your physique.  Regardless of whether you’re a traveling executive who is constantly on the road or you’re going away on an isolated holiday retreat, you’ll never have to fear a loss of fitness.

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