Enso Martial Arts

Program Details:  Enso Martial Arts is possibly the first martial arts program developed in a private personal training environment, for a private personal training environment.  After a decade of private teaching, and two decades of martial arts teaching experience, Tom has developed a series of specialized martial arts programs, each of which develops specialized martial arts skills in pod like fashion, with an aim of developing in depth understanding of specific skills quickly, rather than withholding elements and strategies for years until the student develops a comprehensive foundation in all ranges of their art.

Who This is For:  Tom works with everyone from absolute beginners to advanced black belt martial artists.  Programs can develop the foundation of practical martial arts skills, or may be used to provide supplementary specialized training for experienced martial artists.

6 Week Enso Martial Arts Programs may include:

  • Enso Fundamentals (Laying the foundation of power for all martial arts)
  • Self Defense
  • Kicking
  • Street Boxing
  • Locking, Throwing, and Controlling
  • Trapping and Transitional Techniques

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