Fitness Kicking

Program Details:  Tom Fazio’s Fitness Kicking Program combines high intensity circuit training with martial arts kicking techniques from a variety of disciplines to shape and tone the entire body, with a strong emphasis on the thighs, glutes, and core.  Kicking uniquely targets core muscles to stabilize and control the legs, while hitting hard all muscles below the waist through a variety of movements and techniques.  One can expect improved body mass index as well as an increase in strength, flexibility, speed, and balance.

Who This is For:  Fitness Kicking is for those who like fitness with a purpose.  This is not a self defense course, but this type of training naturally improves confidence as one becomes more comfortable in their own skin.  And for those who don’t like conventional training, it provides a fun, high intensity, and occasionally high impact alternative that takes your mind off the burn and releases stress through every kick.

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