Enso Group Classes

Small Group Personal Training at Enso Temple ensures personal attention in a friendly, supportive environment. Our highly experienced and qualified instructors will make your progress their passion.

Personal Trainer Shanghai - Yoga Flow Yoga

Learn how to strengthen, purify and balance your body and mind, and boost your energy.  The flow (Vinyasa) style of yoga, taught by our internationally trained & certified yoga instructor, combines ancient Indian breathing techniques with a sequenced, anatomic movement of the body, enabling the practitioner to reach a high state of mental and spiritual clarity while aligning the body and improving muscle tone.


Modern Martial Arts 

Tom Fazio’s Modern Martial Arts curriculum covers the fundamentals of striking with empty hands, kicking, escaping grabs, locking, and self defense.  Techniques are drawn from a wide range of martial arts, including Hapkido, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Thai Boxing.  For those looking for an effective, scientific approach to martial arts, look no further.  Classes include fitness conditioning, and fun.


Fitness Kicking

A fresh blend of bodyweight calisthenics, stretching, and martial arts kicking techniques provide total body fitness which targets, tightens and tones all trouble spots.



Improve concentration, reduce stress, increase your awareness and sensitivity, and enhance your internal energy with a combination of mindfulness meditation techniques and qigong energy work.  Classes are non religious, and focus on fundamental breathing and concentration techniques, applicable for all people.

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