Private Personal Training

2012-12-13_David_FM_ 6077_TOur personal training team, led by martial artist of 25 years and fitness trainer Tom Fazio, has a reputation for delivering fast, hard-to-come-by results, through effective, customized personal training programs which combine fitness, martial arts, meditation and nutrition.

Fitness Personal Training combine the latest in high intensity training, sport science, and fitness nutrition to provide clients with the tools and support required for remarkable results.  Programs can be customized for all goals, lifestyles, and current conditions.  At Enso one can embark on Tom’s Rapid Body Transformation Program, or receive more technique based instruction in Fitness Kicking or Bodyweight Conditioning.croppedknee

Martial Arts Personal Training is an ideal way to fast track your martial arts development, or to efficiently study martial arts amidst a busy schedule.  Programs for self defense, comprehensive martial arts training, skill specialization, or even customized training that takes into account body type and personality can be designed to support rapid progress.

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