Interested in Personal training?
Ask anyone training with a personal trainer “who’s the best?” and the answer will be “theirs” – guaranteed.
I have worked with multiple trainers across the globe for 15 years, and Tom has a unique talent to motivate, to push you harder, and to keep you coming back for more even on the days you ache from the last session or you don’t feel like working out!!
Tom is unquestionably talented, and he is passionate about fitness and martial arts. Why do I think he is different and a cut above the rest? … Because he made my goals his challenge, and with it he customized a meticulous, documented programme, that continued to evolve as I did.
The turnaround for me was life changing – goals that seemed impossible came and went and so did the average body.
Results didn’t come easy. It takes determination, effort and commitment, and on the days you’re struggling with those, Tom is there to give you an extra push. Tom is not only the most phenomenal trainer I have come across, but is a wonderful person who became my friend too – someone I looked forward to seeing.
Noah W.    –         England
Investment Banking COO, Asia


Last September, I realized I needed to change my lifestyle. I had gained about 7 kilos and was unhappy with the way I looked.
I decided to find a personal trainer and found Tom. We started an intensive fitness program with my high goals of getting fit in 5 weeks before my 40’th Birthday, which was the end of November.
Tom agreed without hesitating.
He payed attention to every detail concerning my diet and nutrition. He was always patient, and he also told me how to keep a balance between exercise and lifestyle. And from my effort side, I trained up to 6 days per week, 3 days with Tom and another 3 days work on my own with cardio (treadmill and elliptical) . First 2 weeks was very hard for me, as I could not see the different of my body change. But I very confident in Tom as he always be a good professional , and he make me to believe in myself, that we could make my goal.


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Although each week the program was harder, I never missed a session, as well strickly watched my diet from Tom’s advice: to reduce the portion of the meal, but allow yourself enjoy every 2 to 3 hours, but each meal needs to be balanced by Carbohydrate, protein and fat, BUT no ‘white’ carbohydrates or simple sugars after 6pm. I even report my exact diet every day, however some meal was ‘A wrong thing to do’, as I thought honesty help me to progress. Yes, I did all this during my 5 weeks training.
Tom’s program for me included fitness kickboxing, weight lifting, and cardio, as well as martial arts training. He helped me to understand the value of each exercise, which really motivated me. I would see my progress week by week. I feel much stronger, less tired, sleep better and my upper body & lower body are more toned.
At first, I did not believe it was possible, but after only 5 weeks I can fit into all my favorite cloths again. Now I get many compliments from people around me, friends and associates, which makes me more confident! I have always believed that confidence is a key component to leading a healthy and happy life..”
Thank you very much Tom!!
-Ornucha P.         –    Thailand
***Note: Ornucha continued martial arts and fitness training with me after her 5 week intesive program.  The video was made well after her program and testimonial were finished, not after only 5 weeks of martial arts training.  She’s demonstrating Hapkido throwing techniques, Taekwondo kicking techniques, and Muai Thai and western kickboxing techniques. ***




***Note: The video and written testimonials refer to different programs, undertaken by Michael at different times.  You can view his program in Michael’s 6 Week Body Transformation.***


Tom has been my personal trainer for a long period and I have gained:

solid training and understanding of self-defense

          and using different martial arts techniques for the purpose of self-defense

vast improvements in my physique

        both as concerns actual strength and as concerns overall flexibility, balance and general well being
        3) broad introduction to the wider spectrum of martial art schools and associated methods/concepts.
During the months I have learned Tom is:
  • A person with strong inter-personal skills and a particularly empathetic person
  • A person capable of motivating in personal training that allows very high gain from very short periods of training
  • A person with broad and deep insight not only in the martial arts but also how that relates to actual physical ability/strength and mentally
  • A person with an ingrained and high level of martial arts ability through a mix of different schools

When I started training with Tom I had no insight or ability in self-defense or martial arts. I had a hope to use martial arts both for practical (self-defense) purposes but also very much from a perspective of using martial arts to achieve long term strong physique and well being.

Tom has been a great lead into this for me and with him as a trainer I have come a long way in just over 6 months. I am sure much due to his efforts I feel motivated and well equipped to move forward in further learning and practice of martial arts whichever way that may lead.
-Michael P. Denmark
I needed to get in better shape for my most recent theatre show. I was not in a bad shape, but the costume I was supposed to wear on stage cruelly exposed all the little flaws one gets from dining out and partying too much in Shanghai. Once I discovered that I could not wear a corsage underneath my costume I panicked. It was only three weeks to the premiere and I was really concerned to be the joke of the show. That’s why I went to see Tom who was recommended to me by two friends.
With three training sessions per week and a strict diet plan Tom managed to get my body into such a good shape it had not been since my university years  – only within three weeks! It was hard work and I am sure it would not have been possible if I had not strictly followed Tom’s diet plan. In this regard Tom was really supportive. Outside of our sessions I could text him and ask for advice regarding my nutrition – he would always answer all of my questions. He was also really patient and kept motivating me when I was down.
When we had our costume rehearsal I received many compliments from the cast for the great shape I was in. Thanks a lot Tom, it was only possible with your help.

Verena Huegel  –  Austria


Tom is one of the best fitness trainers I’ve had.
He’s a great motivator and makes training seem easy!
I hired Tom to get me back into shape for my wedding and I told Tom that I only wanted to spend 30 minutes for each workout. Tom whipped my butt into gear with only eight sessions over a span of three weeks and even wrote programs for me to follow when training on my own.
If you’re serious about getting results, Tom’s your man!


Natalie Lowe – Australia
comm&d – communicate and dare to be different


I have been a competitive athlete for most of my life. Now is my 30’s, I am no longer training for competition and my focus has shifted to optimizing my health and fitness for daily living, not for an event. I was looking for a program that would maintain my fitness level without spending hours in the gym every day. I have been training with Tom for the last 6 months and have seen a marked improvement in my overall fitness level.
I am stronger and leaner and spending less time in the gym for the results. I enjoy an intense work-out and Tom has been able to tailor sessions to meet my required intensity level. In addition, he has introduced me to new fitness techniques and the programs are different each time I hit the gym, so I don’t get bored. Even experienced athletes fall into a rut at times and find it difficult to get to the gym. Sessions with Tom are exactly what I needed to renew my interest in getting to the gym and working to improve my fitness level.
-Brianne F.     –USA


Tom Fazio’s pragmatic approach to the martial arts involves the integration of several different martial arts styles, including Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Boxing, Hapkido, Muai Thai, and several others. By focusing on the quality aspects of several different arts and putting their most useful contributions into practice, Tom’s personal training is not only “outside the box”, but far more effective as well. Combining dedication and self-discipline with a curiosity and thoughtfulness seen only in the very best of martial arts instructors, Tom’s training sessions are both fun and challenging.
Having trained intermittently with Tom now for over a decade and on three different continents, everything I have learned and experienced about the martial arts — whether it be through participatory observation, physical training, or philosophical discussions — has without a doubt expanded my horizons and enriched my life. All of it courtesy of Mr. Fazio, who intuitively guides the creative process by infusing it with hard work, intelligence, and humor.
-Kevin K.,     –USA


 For me training 2-4 times per week means feeling better morally and physically. I moved to other cities before, the whole process and the adaptation for me meant always that I wasn’t able to take care about nutrition and sport with the consequence that at the end I realized quite late that I had to give both a priority. For this reason I contacted Tom the first week I arrived in Shanghai. My objectives were to recuperate the shape and good habits as well as to learn how to train here. I liked a lot when he told me that his objective was not that I have fun but I reach my goals. Finally he managed to do both.

He run a training that was really adapted for me. He interested in what could suit me best and made different routines, some of the exercises were quite challenging at the beginning but affordable now. The result is that I feel stronger and healthier, I learnt more about nutrition and I feel more independent to train alone getting faster results.

Besides his training skills I like from Tom that he always was and is still open for questions and discussions about training and nutrition and the fact that he always answers honestly and clearly which made everything uncomplicated. He motivates you “through you”. I found him a big professional.


Maria C.     –      Spain



-Li Ping, -China


I was looking for a personal trainer who preferably offered a combination of: time, flexibility at a gym of my choice, and a combination of aerobic, resistance training, and mixed martial arts teaching capabilities. A long list of requirements indeed… Some 50 or so hours later I can honestly say that I have not only met a very capable personal trainer but one that has met all of my requirements.


Tom’s style and approach is very much geared to your own requirements and in my case, with 7 years training and a shiny new 1st dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I already had an entry level into martial arts. I was and still am very keen to further develop those skills and Tom has certainly helped me progress tremendously with his very wide and dedicated understanding of a variety of martial arts disciplines. The sessions also focused on overall fitness conditioning exercises where he has a very good knowledge base.


I found Tom to be a very conscientious personal trainer who provides a comprehensive and yet tailored program and the right level of encouragement that will help you achieve your goals. Tom engages in the sessions in an open and dedicated way that leads me to believe that he has a true passion for this… Tom provided regular reviews on development and progress checking in to review and modify the program as required.


I can only recommend that you give him a try which you will not regret. Whilst not all of Tom’s clients are into martial arts, if you are not, I strongly recommend that you try it. I took this step 7 years ago when I went to my first Tae Kwon Do lesson and now I am 48 years old, so the rest is up to you.


Many thanks Tom, will miss the great training sessions!


Karl E. England
CEO Asia-Pacific
I have been overweight for a big part of my life and lazy for
even longer… Let’s just say that fitness and training were not
high on my list of priorities. Before meeting Tom for the first time,
I was still a little perplexed as to whether I would commit or not to this
lifestyle change but as soon as the first session was over, I knew
that I was in for the long run.


First, Tom’s fantastic personality transformed what was once a torture
into a pleasure and a time of my day I look forward to. Also, Tom’s
professionalism and experience brought me the results that made me
want to go forward and to continue…


Arthur C. France———————————————————————————–
One of the best things about Tom is that his understanding of Eastern combat techniques and Western training concepts allows him to draw the best from each world and share them with his clients. I can honestly say that he’s been one of the most effective trainers I’ve had and would easily recommend him to both experienced individuals and novices. Even more valuable is his commitment to your continued development which is particularly important in light of your business travel needs. As we all know, they can interrupt the training schedule of even the most dedicated person, but Tom works with you to ensure that you still train while you are away.


Manuel M. USA


I have been having trouble ridding myself of the weight I gained from my pregnancy. I tried dieting, exercising and nothing really worked until I started training with Tom. My training program included a combination of gym exercises, kickboxing and dieting which was both fun and challenging. In the last 5 weeks, we went into an intensive program which included a more rigid diet and training 6 times each week. Now my body shape has almost recovered and my weight is back to within 2 kg of what is was before my pregnancy, and my overall health has never been better. Last but not least, the training sessions were never more than 1 hour so they were never intrusive to my normal daily routine which will allow me to integrate them into my new lifestyle.


-Yas M. Iran


I stopped training 6 years ago and led a very unhealthy lifestyle until I started training with Tom 5 weeks ago. The training was a combination of cardiovascular and strength training. The aim was to lose fat and improve overall health. Besides training 5 times a week, the program also included a change in diet. After 5 weeks, my body shape, body fat percentage and overall stamina improved significantly and I will definitely continue training with Tom.
-Chech C.    Hong Kong