6 WK Programs Synopsis


This is the synopsis of all 6 wk transformation programs by Tom Fazio.  You can see more details on each by following the video links on the 6 Week Transformation Programs Page.


MF Fashion & Martial Arts


Videos highlighting new leather and silk pieces from the 2012 MF Winter Collection.  I choreographed the martial arts sequences and played the bad guy in a few.  We had very little time to prep the models, but it turned out to be a pretty hot combo of fashion and martial arts.  The full MF Fashion collection can be viewed online at MF Temple or on display in the MF Showroom at Enso Temple – Fashion and Fitness Lounge in Shanghai.

Tom’s Rope Dart Demo


Tom’s Silk Rope Dart Demo
As with the sash whip, here is the longer range sister of the whip, the rope dart/meteor hammer. My version is 4 meters long, pure silk, and holds a steel meditation ball in a pocket at the end. Follow the link for more info on my Silk Rope Darts.

Tom’s Sash Whip Demo


Tom’s Sash Whip Demo
The sash whip is my modification of the traditional nine segment lash. It’s light weight, easy to carry, and much more practical than its traditional predecessor. You can see my other website dedicated to my silk rope darts and sashes by clicking Sash Whip.

Michael’s 6 Week Body Transformation

Body Transformation - Michael

In the past 2 months, a particularly dedicated (and intense) client underwent a bit of an experiment in human adaptability.  The experiment is still in process, but it’s been a great ride so far and Michael has requested we share the primary elements of his program with others, as his results have been remarkable, especially considering he spent less than 2 hours a week training.  Given the results, and Michael’s
extreme satisfaction, he has suggested we share the primary elements of his program with others.

Michael’s primary objective:  To maximize strength, size, and stamina gains with as little time spent training as possible.  In other words, to build high performance muscle, and reshape his physique as quickly as possible, with as little work as possible.  As discussed in the videos below, he put on 11 to 15 pounds of lean muscle, lost several pounds of fat, and saw his limit strength and strength endurance numbers increase over 100 % on all exercises, and in some cases 300 to 500 %.

Michael: “I am fascinated with the writings of Tim Ferriss in his “4-Hour Body” book. Realistically speaking however most of us do not lead a lifestyle that allows us to maintain the same strictness or discipline on a daily basis – in particular when it comes to diet. To me this is the “2-hour workout” that allows for an easy diet whilst attaining all the objectives I set out – which in short meant not only a very strong body but also a fantastic condition (which I have been delighted to see come automatically with this kind of training). I have asked Tom to “bottle” this and send it in to the market – I guess he is still considering how to do that. And yes I forced Tom to put this bit into the writeup as he is too modest himself to put it in.”

One note – Michael has a very high tolerance for pain, and this program will need to be modified according to individual differences in strength, endurance, and… pain tolerance.  And the video’s below are all unique, but the first bit of each is identical so they can be viewed independently, so please bare with the similar intros…

Michael’s Training Regime – Discussion and Exercises

Michael’s Dietary Changes

Michael’s Results